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  LicenseToKill v0.1 -

  Copyright (C) 2006 - Kevin Drapel


Administrators on Wikipedia often need to delete several pictures from the same category for various reasons (copyright violation, bad images, etc.). Deleting pictures with Mediawiki is a tedious task as you have to select images one by one, enter a comment and press the "delete" button.

Some ways to simplify these tasks have been developed with the Pywikipedia bot but it is not really user-friendly. The purpose of this tool is to provide a simple GUI but still efficient enough to fullfil the administration tasks.

You can either import the images from a category or a list.


Latest version is available here :


The current version is mainly focused on Wikimedia foundation sites (ie. Wikipedia,  Wikibooks, etc.). For the moment, only Wikipedia and Commons are supported but it is very easy to extend the application using the XML configuration files.

The configuration file only handles "fr" and "en" wikipedias but adding a new language is a matter of copying  and pasting some lines in the xml and
translating the messages (see below). For Commons, the default language is english.

This should be improved in the future with more configuration files.

Configuration files

Configuration files are in XML. They are located in the "config" directory. If you want to change the location of these config files, you must update the executable config (LicenseToKill.exe.config).

Interesting keys :
If you translate, just make sure that you properly keep the format (ie. {0}, etc.)

Import from list

The list must be a text file with one picture per line. Example :


Do not use translated "image" mediawiki tag, such as "Bild" or "Beelt", etc.


Source code is available under the GPL license. It can be retrieved using Subversion.

Repository is located here :

It is currently compiled using Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0. You can also browse the repository here :

Known problems/bugs


If you find it useful or you have translated some messages in your language, drop a message at :


dake.wikipedia [[@]]

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